Ali Khan Rajwani

Ali Khan Rajwani

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Address: 8307 Beechnut Street Houston, Texas 77036
Phone: 678) 207-8066

Company: Apex Realtors
Office Address: 8307 Beechnut Street Houston, Texas 77036


Ali Rajwani is a commercial and residential agent, who specializes as a buyers agent and buyers and sellers negotiations. A graduate of the University of Houston, Ali graduated with a major in Psychology with a minor in Marketing and Sales, as well as a Advanced Sales Certificate through Bauers Program for Excellence in Selling (known now as Steve Stagners Sale Institute). From his time in University to present day, Ali is a go getter, devoted to his clientele, and always looks out for his clients best interest. In his free time, Ali enjoys spending time playing soccer, spending time with friends or family, and traveling when time allows it.

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